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The George Boole Foundation established the Sustainable Development Facility (SDF) in May 2021 as a promotional device for gartering support for our new approach to Sustainable Development Goal projects based on extension support and training of low income practitioners in project design and cycle management. The service to be provided is a delivery framework based on the advanced project cycle and portfolio management service SDGToolkit. This is a Software-as-a-Service for practitioners in low income countries who are dedicated to the design, implementation and management of projects in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The aim of the SDF is to eliminate overheads in the funding of work with all money received being used to support development and service provision free of charge to users. Donors have complete control over the release of funds they have contributed which are released according to progress in the following activities:
  • Setup of individual and dedicated server facilities for each user organization

  • Training of user organization personnel as well as on-the-job support in use of SDGToolkit:

    • Completing gaps and needs analysis
    • Support in completing the due diligence design procedure
    • Selection and evaluation report of best logical project option
    • Support in implementation
    • Support in implementation decision making
    • Support in monitoring and evaluation
    • Support in project adjustment for post-funding sustainability
The SDGToolkit provides real time 24/7 oversight of all project progress through a Real Time Monitoring & Evaluation facility. The series of support activities covering the whole project cycle are projected to remain operational for each project for at least 5 years. Users can use SDGToolkit to support any number of projects in a portfolio; there is no limit on the number of projects supported. The final operation is based on a costing model designed to be well within the means of the users.

For further information on this type of assignment please review the information provided in the Boolean Library under Sustainable Development Facility.

We are a non-profit organization and depend on donor and sponsor contributions to continue our work. If you consider our work to be of value in assisting low income communities address what is becoming an existential crisis for many, you can help by making contributions of any size to the Sustainable Development Facility. Further information on how to make donations can be accessed on our Donations page.

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