Our main publication is the Strategic Review which integrates our leading edge output into the context of the current challenges facing society, the economy and the environment.

Strategic Review is edited by:

The Decision Analysis Group
SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab

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Forthcoming titles include:

Locational-State Theory

The future of Decision Analysis

Economic models for recovery

Climate change

Payment for subscriptions to this series is an automatic process activated by any annual contribution to the Sustainable Development Facility exceeding £150.

This section presents a selection of recent documents published by the Foundation's operational units including SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, OQSI-Open Quality Standards Initiative, Decision Analysis Initiative 2020-2030, The Sustainable Development Facility and Plasma.Systems.

The Real Incomes Approach - online course

British Strategic Review

Charter House Essays in Political Economy  being updated ...

Decision Analysis Initiative (DAI 2010-2020) documents

mutec.cloud (agricultural Project) documents

SDGToolkit documents

Sustainable Development Facility documents

Working documents

Donor information

"Cost-effective donor support for Sustainable Development Goals"

Beneficiary information

"Effective project teams for Sustainable Development Goals"

Training content

"The SDF approach to training to raise the sustainable development impacts of project teams"

Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2020 Final report.

This report describes the justification the process and the results of the applied
development programme that created the SDGToolkit.

DAI_Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2020 - Final Report

Documents issued by SDGToolkit.com

Advance notice



All other publications are available to those receiving training under SDF Grant scheme.

A summary of the SDGToolkit project design process
Global Constraints Analysis
Due Diligence Design Procedures
Real Time Monitoring & Evaluation
Options benefit Analyses
Locational-State Genotypic Sequencing
The role of negative logic
Evaluation criteria

mutec.cloud Agricultural Project system documents will be released Q4 20021.

Working documents subject to modification and ad hoc notes produced by Foundation units

Gross Margins and Crop Production Systems

Crop production plans, data collection, & performance evaluation

Locational-State Theory and Crop Production Systems

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