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Currently the international aid budget is some 135 billion from government and international agencies and around $85 billion from the private sector. Over the last 25 years studies by the World Bank and others have revealed that of this $215 billion, around 35% will be wasted as a result of project failures. This is equivalent to around $75 billion. The main causes of project failures are inadequate design, oversight and quality control of information. It is exactly in this area where the Foundation can contribute to the reduction in these financial losses.

During 2015 the Foundation concentrated on developing the Open Quality Standards Initiative to develop due diligence procedures as a foundation for the design of better quality agricultural projects. During 2016 and 2017, SEEL (Systems Engineering Economics Lab) designed and implemented an online project cycle & portfolio management system. This will be launched in January 2018 as a fee-based service under the name of to generate income for the Foundation. The initial target will be agricultural, rural development and natural resources projects. In this venture we have partnered with Strides Foundation who will provide an extension services for users of this system based on their extensive network of experts able to provide advice on all aspects of agricultural research and operations including training and mentoring for project team members.

For a more detailed descriptions of this service please refer to the and websites. See also an announcement of the launch of this service on

Why we have opted to provide online services

Under the current economic circustances the Foundation aims to provide support to organizations by providing direct benefits in terms of enhanced productivity of their activities to justify fee income for the Foundation. The online services provided have the potential of generating a high return on investment for users.

Mutually beneficial objectives include:
  • Providing unparalleled quality of services at extremely competitive prices for support that will improve the productivity, effectiveness and economy of customer operations.
  • Through the Foundation income being based on delivering direct benefits to companies and organizations while supporting the Foundation's objectives.
The first online services to be offered by the Foundation will be a comprehensive services to support:
  • design processes and projects
  • manage the complete process or project cycle operations
  • manage a portfolio of any number of projects or processes at any stage of their development from design through to operations

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