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The State-fo-the-Art and Future of Decision Analysis

Real Time Audit

Locational State Theory

Due Diligence Design Procedures for Projects

Project Evaluation Criteria

Logical Project Options

Gaps & needs analysis

Constraints analysis

Designing actionable change

Project implementation decision analysis

More effective monitoring and evaluation

Strategic policy planning for programmes and projects

A Boolean Society - a publication series

A Boolean Society is a series of publications dealing with the contribution of decision analysis, deductive logic and digital systems in supporting decision-making in an open society.

These publications are on topics whose theory and implementations were developed at SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab over the last 35 years as well as by the activities of the (DAI) Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-202010 and the OQSI (Open Quality Standards Initiative).

The Series titles are shown in the scrolling list on the right. During the first year, starting in May 2019, 12 core publications will be issued with each one released on a monthly basis. These will describe the state-of-the-art in each series topic and these will be followed by quartely updates covering the current advances in applicaions development in each field.

None of these documents have been circulated before. Reviews of practical decision analysis applications cover the technical and economic operational benefits of a range of decision analysis applications.

These publications are available in pdf format or epub formats.

Library members can suggest addtions to the series
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