The George Boole Foundation was established in 2010 as a non-profit company dedicated to the provision of useful services based on our applied research and development of digital applications. The applications developed assist people in different sectors develop sustainable investment projects.

Since 2015 this work expanded to include solutions to growing gaps in the international project portfolio for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which continue to grow. We are committed to helping raise the performance of the SDG project portfolios in low income countries.

The main vehicle for services delivery is the SDGToolkit. This was developed during the period 2010 and 2020 as a due diligence project design procedure supported by a collection of analytical tools delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provision. This was developed to avoid an ongoing level of project failures running at around 35% of funded projects and representing an annual loss of around $75 billion. In the quest to provide high quality services, the Foundation has emphasized the development of quality standards of evidence upon which to base better project design to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability impact.

Through the Sustainable Development Facility the Foundation will extend the reach of this service by providing it free of charge to teams concerned with policy, multiproject initiatives, executing agencies and extension services in low income countries.

The launch of Agenda 2030's 'Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, increased the need for additional analytical tools. This is because the 2019 Sustainable Development Report found that income disparity continues to increase, production sustainability continues to decline and global temperatures continue to rise.

Our development team has direct experience in international economic development projects covering the last 50 years and our conclusion as to the causes of the failures include inappropriate project cycle management procedures for the complexity of SDGs and, in particular, the lack of analytical tools to complete appropriate analyses for project design.

SDGToolkit, places the required analytical design tools directly into the hands of project design teams. We provide well thought out due diligence procedures to ensure that all factors are taken into account and given due consideration in an investment project's design.

The procedure is used to order the gathering of relevant information to identify and measure gaps and needs and to identify the constraints that have contributed to the creation of gaps.

SDGToolkit analytical tools prepare information and gather evidence used by the design procedures. These tools address the needs of Agenda 2030's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the over 230 associated indicators. These tools provide projections of gaps and needs according to the impacts of population numbers, structure, growth rates and family size as well as income levels and distribution and inflation. From this baseline the additional project level local constraints are identified and their impacts measured.

Analytical tools require defined information as inputs and they generate narrative reports, tables and graphs of dataset outputs. All of this information can be transferred into reports to track progress in design.

The standardization of information used and the generation of output applying transparent functions enables project proposal assessors to gain oversight of the project design process and the reasons for the selection of proposed options.

SDGToolk, during project implementation, provides the ability to record progress and responses to change. As a result, monitoring and evaluation personnel have an in-depth source of information on the original design process and are able to compare projected performance benchmarks with the actual achievement.

Further information on the layout and functions of the SDGToolkit can be found by clicking on the menu title Our Innovations.

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