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ABS - A Boolean Society

The ABS was launched by the George Boole Foundation as a voluntary organization for the production of briefs suitable for a wide readership including primary and secondary school pupils, higher education students, businessmen, managers, strategic planners and practitioners in the use of Boolean Logic.

The general content is designed to foster the appreciation of a range of issues of significance to society which are, to a large degree, resolvable through the application of Boolean Logic and, in particular, by making use of the considerable resources we now have in state of the art information technology in the form of computers and the world wide web.

Briefs and publications will have a tagging system which will indicate their potential utility to different types of reader classified as:

(a) advanced research;
(m) management applications;
(h) higher education;
(g) general;
(j) student (5-13 years of age categories);
(s) student (13-19 years of age categories)
Briefs & publications

We are updaing existing publications and introducing a new series to support training in decision analysis and project cycle and portfolio management.

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