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Decision analysis modelling

Decision analysis models include a quantitative and functional description of any process be this an investment, a project, a production process for goods or services or even an econometric model of an economy.

For the purposes of online functionality and to make our online demonstrations more easily designed and deployed we have opted for the most advanced server-side design and development system, Vanguard System2. The Vanguard System uses Decision Script, DScript1 for short. This language is an advanced server-side extension of ECMAscipt, that is compliant with the ECMA and ISO JavaScript standard.

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There is a dedicated website on the role of DScript and the Vanguard System in Power ECMAScripting that can be accessed by clicking on the link below:
Information systems

In selecting a foundation for online demonstrations of decision analysis models, the DAI has opted to use an advanced Power-ECMAScripting approach so as to benefit from server side deployment. Server-side deployment combines very fast processing with significant economies in client side investment. There exist many so-called JavaScript drivers for server side deployment but most of these lack the design an deployment resources to support the full range of requirements by today's applications needs. The most advanced system providing Power-ECMAScripting resources for systems design, development and deployment of a server side ECMAScript extension is the Vanguard System. This is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) that makes use of DScript1, the sever side ECMAScript extension compliant with the ECMA and ISO standards. This has a track record of well over 12 years in delivering stable and powerful ECMAScript server side implementations for corporations and governance. The IDE combines several essential capabilities in the form of a comprehensive coding, testing and implementation system. It uses an intuitive visual modelling approach based upon a hierarchical tree layout that facilitates understanding of data flow and functional logical transparency. This helps clients and developers communicate more effectively and therefore promotes the development of user-responsive systems. The Vanguard System consists of the following basic components:
  • authoring system - Vanguard Studio2
  • server system - script interpretation & administration software - Vanguard Server3
  • module libraries administrator
Vanguard Studio capabilities include:
  • script editing system for DScript (advanced internationally standardized server side ECMAScript scripting language (ISO & ECMA)) that can accept core ECMAScript
  • outputs scripts (*.mdl) for server side processing
  • server side processing secures gains in speed of around a factor of 100 in comparison with client side scripts
  • compatible embedded capabilities:
    • automatic syntax checking
    • debug capability for specific predefined sub-node element
    • debug capability on whole script, line-by-line mode
    • code input within a visually intuitive presentation (hierarchical tree structure linking nodes in the "tree window") providing a visual model of the program structure
    • the script compatible with and supporting inclusion of core ECMAScript
    • the availability of large number of "primitives" for efficient coding of complex logical, mathematical, financial, scientific, statistical and operations research functions
    • ability to create own specialised applications primitives
    • generated process output code compatible with all server protocols
    • ability to review script operation within an embedded server in Studio on client side
    • ability to assess at the design stage the potential operational server resource consumption in terms of speed of script execution as well as estimate the feasible number of simultaneous users
    • cross compatibility of server side script output with different client browsers
    • cross compatibility of server output with different client side operating systems
Vanguard Server capabilities also include:
  • Interpretation of scripts combining DScript and core ECMAScript
  • Comprehensive administrative capabilities for establishing:
    • IP address & port numbers
    • Max simultaneous connections and connection timeout (seconds)
    • Root directory & default document
    • Compression of outgoing data to reduce bandwidth and cache folders
    • Apply user authorization, allow Studio Users to login automatically
    • Password (remote monitoring)

    • Script management:
      • Kill orphans with cookies and sessions after n seconds without a reply
      • Session memory session CPU time quotas
      • Manage *.mdl4
      • access rights
      • Reply e-mail address, outgoing SMTP server
      • MIME
      • Reporting dynamic activity with time base (major tic, minor tic & time axis label) and log file content configuration
      • SSL activation, port number, domain name etc. and the creation of certificates
The Module libraries administrator:

This is a library management system that resides on the Vanguard Server for modules and code segments that a user wishes to store for future use as well share with other authorized users.

1  DScript is a registered trade mark of Vanguard Software Corporation.
2  Vanguard System is a registered trade mark of Vanguard Software Corporation.

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