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An Accumulog is a record of accumulated experience or knowledge. It is a software device designed to help people understand why they identify and recognise cross relationships between things they have learned and experienced during their lifetime.

The Accumulog is therefore a record of personal evolution.

The concept and purpose of an Accumulog was proposed in 1985 as a part of the DELTA Programme preparation at the Information Technology and Telecommunications Task Force.
Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2015
George Boole Foundation
Online demonstrations

An important part of the Decision Analysis Initiative (DAI 2015-2020) is the setting up and running of online demonstrations of decision analysis applications.

In 2016 we initiated an ambitious programme as part of our fund-raising activiy to build prototypes and demos that will provide the foundaiton for online services sold through commericial organizations on a profit share basis. The contributions received by DAI and GBF will be income which will be reinvested in the efforts to improve decision analysis techniques and support the foundation of an institute to commemorate the work of George Boole (see The George Boole Institute Initiative).

The first product is an agricultural project cycle and portfolio management system which will be launched as an online service in January 2018 as a joint collaboration between the STRIDES Foundation and the George Boole Foundation through its services division See Online services

In the future, the online demos will be restricted to demonstrating the additions as upgrades added to this online service.

Some demonstrations will be used to demonstrate new upgrade capabilties of the Plasma DataBase the principal data storage system used by the online services.

Plasma DataBase

Navatec uses the Plasma DataBase. All interfacing and data handling between the program code and the Plasma DataBase is part of the indigenous server-side ECMA Core extension. ESMAScript is the international standard for JavaScript.

Plasma DataBase is seamlessly integrated with the main scripting language used to build and maintain the Navatec system.

Plasma DataBase is particularly well-suited to the accommodation of the specific data analysis requirements being able to process indexed and object oriented datasets and is ideak for the complex datasets associated with such operational environments as natural resource systems.

The Plasma DataBase is a major development of the DAI and is a NoSQL database but can run complex queries enabling a granularity search at the data element level. It has a significant impact on the Real Time Audit system deployed in the project cycle and portfolio management system enabling on-demand analysis and reporting of any aspect of any project in the porfolio located anywhere in the world. (See Plasma DataBase).

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